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The Beginner’s Guide to Astrology: Class Is In Session—Your astrological birth chart reveals who you are at the exact time you were born. Join noted astrologer Dusty Bunker in this comprehensive beginner’s workbook that will teach you how to truly know yourself while creating your personal birth chart. Use tools like the "sentencing sheet" that contains key words to aid you in composing accurate answers to your life's questions. Dusty touches the excitement of learning in her lively conversational style. Through clear simple instructions, you will learn how to interpret your chart. Added bonus: you’ll have fun learning. Order this book →

Numerology and The Divine Triangle (co-authored with Faith Javane)—Over 150,000 copies sold. As the authoritative and comprehensive text on numerology, this book uses the Pythagorean triangle as the blueprint of your life. Included for the first time in book form is the synthesis of numerology, astrology, and the Tarot—with interpretations for the birth numbers, the temporary vibrations, the Tarot symbolisms, and the astrological correspondences. Also included are chapters titled "Esoteric Numerology" and "God Geometrizes." This is the book to which all others will be compared. Order this book →

Numerology and Your Future: The Predictive Power of Numbers (2nd, Updated Edition)—People who succeed do so because they know when to take action! In this updated, revised, and rewritten 2nd edition, discover the importance of timing and how to use your number cycles to plan ahead. In a stroke of divine comparison, you’ll find the accuracy of the predictions Dusty made in 1979 for the 1980 decade. She then discusses the events of the following three decades. In addition, she reveals the trends for the 2020s. And, for the first time, she unveils a repeating cycle that will occur in the 2020 decade that suggests three major world-shifting events. In this perfect companion to her major work Numerology and the Divine Triangle, take a journey of personal discovery. You’ll find that timing is the key to success in love, money, fame, and happiness! Order this book →

Astrology’s Hidden Aspects: Quintiles and Sesquiquintiles—In this groundbreaking book, astrologer Dusty Bunker reveals the importance of the 72° quintile and the 108° sesquiquintile, two previously ignored astrological aspects, which the Egyptians called the “sacred golden bowls’. With a dusty map in hand, travel from the cosmic birth of these two aspects to the sand-covered site where they have remained hidden all these years. Gathered through thirty years of research into sacred geometry, Masonic manuscripts, religious texts, Egyptian symbols, and more, these aspects should be considered among the most important in the lexicon of astrologers. For the first time, the quintiles and sesquiquintiles are fully interpreted using the ten planets and the Ascendant. Order this book →

For numerological sessions, please contact my colleague, Darlene Chadbourne, at midlifespirit@gmail.com.

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