Review of "One Deadly Rhyme".
"Bunker mixes the puzzle and suspense with a healthy dose of humor...engaging..."
~Lynn Harnett, Herald Sunday Review

"A Real Page-Turner. Sue Grafton move over! I loved this book. Sam is a believable character, with a passion for numerology, writing, and her family...Bonus: a numerology lesson in the back of the book."
~Catherine Ward

"Congratulations, Dusty. It's a winner! Dusty adds such life to her characters... especially Samantha. I loved this (book)."
~Millicent Hart, romance novelist

Review of "Three O'Clock's Dark Night".
"Dusty Bunker begins her metaphysical mystery with several disparate lives, yet each character is linked. At first, all seem to be lost souls...there is murder, violence, sorrow, fear, and loathing. But as Dusty's plot unwinds, there is love, helpfulness and redemption. And yes, always (against) the background of Chaos Theory.  A great tale!"
~Shelley Glodowski, Senior Reviewer
Midwest Book Review