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dusty has written many articles over the years. The most recent are listed below.

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Your Personal Solar Calendar:
     Time Your Activities Perfectly Every Month     (July 2006)

Full Moon Mania:
     Political Secrets Come to Light on Election Eve   (November 2006)

How Saturn Forms Your Fate:
     How You Can Build Your Destiny!   (Yearbook 2007)

Where’s Your Moon:
     A Fun, Fact-Filled Lunar Guide   (June 2007)

Your Progressed Sun:
       Positive Feedback on Life’s Journey!   (August 2007)

The Asteroid Ceres:
     What’s In Your Wallet?   (December 2007)

Pluto Through World History as a Transformer   (January 2008)

Feeling Bored? Restless? Ready for a Change?
     It’s The Seven-Year-Itch Uranus Cycle!   (February 2008)

The Divinity Of Cats:  Your Moon and Venus Help You Choose
     the Perfect Companion   (June 2008)

Venus: Beauty Or The Beast?   (October 2008)

Mercury Retrograde:
     A Mental Rest Area on Life’s Busy Highway   (Yearbook 2009)

Mars Retrogrades:
     Plans Stall! Leo Drama! The Economy Kicks Up   (December 2009)

Mars Retrograde (December 2009)

Jolly Jupiter in 2010   (Yearbook 2010)

The Wheel of Life   (May 2010)

Mama Moon and Her Lunar Flashlight   (July 2010)

The Decans of Your Life   (October 2010)

The History and Hidden Side of the Tarot:
       Exploring astrology, numerology, mathematics, mythology,
       masonry, and more     (November 2010)

I Feel the Earth Move (March 2011)

A Breath of Fresh Air (September 2011)

Born Again: 
   When Planets Cross Your Ascendant (January 2012)

The Fire Sign Personality (August 2012)

Water World: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces (November 2012)

The Finger of Fate:
  The Yod Aspect in Action (March 2013)

Learn To Read a Chart Like a Professional (October 2015)

Mars Thunders to a Retrograde (April 2016)