Dream Cycles

Dream cycles offers a new and exciting approach to dream interpretation. The premise is that dreams come from an inner source full of symbolism. Using the nine basic cycles in your life that are determined from your birthday, you can open your dreams and read them in the full context of the events in your life.

Dream Cycles explains the simple process that determines your current personal cycle, the color associated with it, what that cycle means and how it relates to your dreams. Knowledge of your personal rhythms takes the randomness out of interpreting dreams and helps you focus on the relevant issues in your life.

You will also discover the nine categories into which dreams commonly fall. Personal and universal symbols are treated and analyzed. Dream Cycles defines the parts of the mind and the dream as the ancient world saw it and as the modern world now sees it.

And you won't want to miss the Thoughts From My Notebook chapter.

Dream Cycles is a unique and satifying trip into the fascinating world of dream interpretation.

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