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Every atom in our body comes from an exploded star.
We are literally star babies!

March 2018 newsletter

Hi Star babies,

On a spring afternoon years ago, my 16 year old son Matthew, just arrived home from school, was sitting at the kitchen table having a snack. I had gone off to do an errand when I suddenly wondered if I had turned off the burner under a pot of corn chowder I had made for supper. A bit panicked, I called my husband at work and asked him to send someone to check. His secretary drove to the house, raced into the kitchen, and upon seeing my son at the table, exclaimed, “What are you doing here?” Wondering who she was, Matthew looked up and said, “I live here.”

True to his Sagittarian nature, he had a quick witty response to an unexpected circumstance. I still chuckle when I think of that incident.

I bring this up because Mars, the planet of action, which takes two years to circle your chart once, is now in the sign Sagittarius (January 27th to March 17th). Mars stimulates action and Sagittarius, a cheerful active sign, is always ready for action. So, dear readers, as the cup on my desk suggests, ‘Get Your Happy On’. Do some fun things now: take a trip, participate in a philosophical discussion, attend a sports event, go to the movies, play games, browse a library or museum, exercise at the gym or on that dusty tread mill you’ve been using for a clothes rack.

Because on the March 18th, Mars moves into Capricorn until May 16th and that’s when the work gloves come out. Look to your Capricorn ruled house(s) to find out where you need to put your energy, where you need to organize and get things accomplished.

If you follow the Mars movement around your wheel and use your energy properly in the designated departments of your life, you will accomplish your goals. Your goals can be reached in two year segments throughout your life. The next time transiting Mars crosses your Ascendant, the point of new beginnings, set your two year plan then. We won’t talk about what happens when Mars transits your 8thhouse of power, sex, and money. That’s your business but do make it count!

We start the month with a Full Moon on the 1st at 11 Virgo and end the month with a Full Moon at 10 Libra. In between on March 17th, we have the New Moon at 26 Pisces.

Full Moons bring the events of the past two weeks to a head; New Moons set the agenda for the following two weeks. It’s that simple. Again, look to your Libra, Virgo, and Pisces houses to discover what that means for you.

For those who change clock times in the spring and fall, remember Daylight Savings Time (DST) is at midnight on March 11th. We ‘spring ahead’.

The Vernal Equinox is March 20th signaling the Sun’s movement into Aries. This highlights your Aries house for the following month. Expose yourself there…or perhaps I should say…use that Sun filled energy to feed your sense of self so you can shine for others. Your choice of clothing is optional!

You have a great opportunity this month and into April when Mercury goes Retrograde in Aries from March 22nd to April 15th. This happens about three times a year for about three weeks. We do need time to rest our minds away from the outside world. Think of it as a mental vacation when you can slip away into your own world of thought. Review what’s been on your mind.

Mercury Retrograde is problem solving time! In this overwhelming world of instant and constant communication, you have cosmic permission to take a break. Listen to your planetary guide…it’s essential for your well being. Plus, with Venus in Aries as well from March 7th to the end of April, think of the wondrous mental adventures you can experience! It’s time to think and create anew!

The brilliant lawyer/writer, Lawrence Alexander (aka D.W.Buffa) in his novel, Rubicon, wrote that some make “…the mistake of believing that the aim of intelligence is the expansion of knowledge rather than the depth of understanding.”

We know that Jupiter is the planet of expansion and that it takes about 12 years to go around the chart once. (Remember: your chart is a picture taken at your birth with you in the center on the Earth; it’s a geocentric view of our solar system. We are each the center of the universe from our point of view. Everything we know is from our centered point of view. Therefore, it takes about 12 years to go around you, through each of your houses.)

Jupiter went into the sign Scorpio last October 2017 and will leave November 9, 2018. Scorpio is intense, deep, and transforming and rules the natural zodiacal house of sex, birth, death, joint resources, and the mysteries of life.

Rather than expand into fields of more information, this year, as Lawrence Alexander wrote, Jupiter in Scorpio is directing us to plumb the depths of understanding. We need to set aside spreading ourselves too thin, dipping into too many pots. Rather, we need to dig deep into those things that really matter to us to truly understand how our lives and the world around us needs to transform. We are distracted by too much information on the surface of life so that the strength of our need for fundamental change is diminished. Focus on deeply understanding what is happening in your Scorpio subterranean ruled house(s) and decide to make the necessary fundamental changes there.

Deep contemplation and introspection are especially necessary when Jupiter goes Retrograde from March 9th to July 10th. These four months require inner work where we root out the changes necessary in our commitment to and responsibility for others. Look to your Scorpio ruled houses to find where in your life this applies to you.

On the last day of this month with the Full Moon is Libra and Venus just entering sensual Taurus---yes, Taurus is sensual (as astrologer Bob Pelletier once commented, ‘Scorpio has the reputation but Taurus has all the fun.”)---this is the time to bask with a loved one under the soft rays of the Full Moon while that Venus/Taurus sensuality tickles your taste buds!

Enjoy Mother Earth and all she has to offer us.

That’s it for this month, my friends. Always love hearing from you. This comes, as always, with warm cosmic hugs…twinkle, twinkle…