Personal Year Cycle Eight

Power, sex, and money. Now that should get your attention. You’ll get exactly what you deserve this year. This is a ‘karmic’ period in which you reap what you sow. The energies you have put into the past seven years now bear fruit. Money, business, sexual relationships are all part of this cycle. The key words are discipline, responsibility, pressure and balance in the world of finance and relationships. If you have used your energies wisely in the past seven years, you may get that job promotion, a raise at work, gain public recognition for something you have accomplished or be put in charge of a large project. If you lose a job, review your past seven years and vow to handle things differently once you begin your One cycle two years from now. If taking care of the home and family is your work, you will be rewarded there. Eight Cycles should be examined carefully because they exemplify cause and effect, action and reaction. Money can come to you; some people receive inheritances under an Eight. Money received during this period is always earned in some manner, even if you don’t see the connection. One forgotten good act can bring later rewards. Intense relationships can occur here and last only if each partner is respectful of the other. This cycle brings results in the physical world, your reward for the efforts of the past seven years.

The color is: the Rainbow.

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