Personal Year Cycle Seven

This is your year to rest the physical body. This does not mean to cease all activity---we all have duties that we must perform---rather this cycle indicates that your body is tired, you need to take time out in quiet places where you can heal the body. The energy during this cycle shifts to the mind. You need to think, analyze, meditate, and go within to discover who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. It’s a period of introspection. In ancient times, a person born under a Seven was placed in the temple to become a Priestess or Priest because society recognized the child had exceptional powers of the mind. So, this is your year to perfect the powers of your mind. Polish the mental skills you already have. The things you put on the shelf to do later are the things you need to take down now and work on. Take time for vacations: trips to the mountains or the seashore. Let nature work her wonders on your body and mind. Your body needs a rest; by pushing too much in the outer world you could end up sick in bed where you are forced to rest and think. So slow down the outer activity and stimulate the inner activity. Affairs will mysteriously take care of themselves. Stimulate your higher mind: study philosophy, religion, metaphysics or science. Listen to your dreams and intuitions. Surround yourself with a few people who can lift your consciousness. Great rewards are the result.

The color is Violet.

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