Personal Year Cycle Six

This is your nesting phase. You become more focused on community and domestic responsibilities. More often, the energies are focused on the home front where love, compassion and understanding are keys to success. Family may need help: parents who require assistance, a mate who needs emotional support, or children who need your attention. There are changes in the home and you become the central figure in solving problems and bringing balance and harmony to this area of your life. Marriages take place, babies are born, and people leave the home for a variety of reasons. You may want to sell your home. Or use some of the creative talent available to you this year to remodel or redecorate your living space. Your artistic abilities are stimulated during this cycle and should be exercised: writing, painting, crafts. You might create a corner for yourself where you can spend time with your creative abilities. Above all, love is the key to success in this Six Cycle. Finish up your responsibilities during this cycle because in the next cycle you must rest.

The color is Indigo.

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