Personal Year Cycle Four

Get organized! This is your year of work, organization, building, and acquiring money and possessions. You feel the need to clean out the basement, the bureau drawers and closets, the attic and garage, the office and wherever else is cluttered with debris. You have the sense now that if you live in an organized environment, then your life will be more organized. Even your body needs organization so out come the sweats, the sneakers and the headband or you might rejoin the gym or get back to using that gym membership you’ve been paying for over the years.  Now is the time to do it! Also, organize your finances. You’ll find you want to buy things to make you feel grounded: Four is the number of the earth and earthly possessions. Get out in nature; feel the earth beneath your feet, breathe in nature’s perfume. It is here that the physical body can heal. Enjoy physical relationships. Indulge your sensual pleasures…within the restraints of your budget, or course.

The color is Green.

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