Personal Year Cycle One

This is the time for new beginnings. You have just ended a nine-year cycle and now is the time to start over again. Even though you may be surrounded by people, you will feel alone. This is not lonely, rather you will feel that you must take a stand and focus on your own needs. Tape a note to your bathroom mirror that says ‘I come first this year’ so that you will see it every morning. It is important that you focus on your own needs because you will be making decisions this year that will affect your life for the next nine years. If you don’t fill your own well, no one can drink from it. You will not be good for anyone else unless you nourish yourself first. People may make suggestions and you can listen but you must make up your own mind. This is a year for action and a time to welcome change and initiate new ideas.

The color is Red.

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