Personal Year Cycle Two

You made major decisions and new starts last year. During the past year, you initiated action: now is the time for attraction. The law of magnetism is at work. Nurture those decisions you made last year. Stand back, work behind the scenes, nourish the seedlings planted in your Personal Year Cycle One. You are the power behind the throne, working behind the scenes. Any assertiveness from last year that might have upset the applecart can be smoothed out. Mutual decisions can be made. So, use tact and diplomacy when working with people. Exercise patience. Sometimes legal situations arise where difficulties can be worked out. You may have to make sudden decisions so use good judgment. This is a year of cooperation and, if the situation is right, companionship. Bring balance into your life and find the serenity you need. Study meditation, yoga, astrology, philosophy…those subjects that will give you insight into the subtle mechanics of the mind and how the Mind rules the Universe.

The color is Orange.

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