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Dusty Bunker is the author of nine books, some of which are translated into foreign languages. She wrote for the Time-Life Book Series, Mysteries of the Unknown, and contributed numerology columns to Mademoiselle Magazine.

Her dream column ran in the Manchester Union Leader for five years. She also wrote a humorous shopping column for the Hampton Union, and drew a comic strip, Tree Line, which appeared in Seacoast After Dark. She is the subject of a biographical record in Who's Who in America.

In addition to her non-fiction books, her metaphysical mystery series includes three titles: One Deadly Rhyme, The Two-Timing Corpse, and Three O'Clock's Dark Night.

Dusty did some consulting work in relation to the six hour American Movie Classics (AMC) miniseries The Prisoner, starring Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen which aired on television in November 2009.

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I have studied and lectured on astrology, numbers, dreams, symbolism and other metaphysical subjects for over thirty years.  My interest in the mysteries of life started when I first became aware of the heavens.  As a child I would look up at the starry sky and wonder...how big is it?...how far does it go?...how can it not end?

My journey began on a fateful day when I was five years old.  I read my first sentence: See Spot Run. (This was in that ancient time before educational programs on television like Sesame Street.) I cannot describe the rush of power that flowed over me at that moment when I realized...I can read! I knew I had hold of something powerful that would open up the world I had wondered about.

By the time I was six, my most treasured book was the Golden Encyclopedia. It was over-sized with a glossy cover, sprinkled with small colored illustrations, and filled with wondrous knowledge. I carried it under my arm where ever I went. I have been mentally exploring ever since, and what a wonderful journey it has been.

I grew up in a Navy family and have lived in the four corners of the United States – Maine, Florida, California and Washington State – and some of the states in between. Once when I was in grade school, my family and I even lived in a quonset hut.  I graduated from Saugus High School in Massachusetts and attended the University of New Hampshire. Today I live in a wonderful small town with my husband and family and a passel of pets.